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Mika Tajima

Kayne Griffin / Inventory Press


Mika Tajima catalogue cover 2021


Texts by Mika Yoshitake and T’ai Smith

9 × 11 inches, 188 pages, hardcover
ISBN 978-1-941753-48-4

Design by ELLA
Co-published by Inventory Press and Kayne Griffin

Available for Pre-Order
Shipping February 2022

Mika Tajima is a comprehensive catalogue of artist Mika Tajima’s work spanning from 2003–2021.

The sculptures, paintings, videos and installations of New York–based artist Mika Tajima (born 1975) explore the embodied experience of ortho-architectonic control and computational life. From architectural systems to ergonomic design to psychographic data, Tajima’s works operate in the space between the immaterial and the tangible to create heightened encounters that target the senses and emotions of the viewer, underlining the dynamics of control and agency. Her practice materializes techniques developed to shape the physicality, productivity, and desires of the human subject.

This hardcover catalogue includes full-color reproductions of Tajima’s work at the 2019 Okayama Art Summit; her early performances with Charles Atlas, Judith Butler, and New Humans; and exhibitions at the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, Palais de Tokyo, and Borusan Contemporary, Istanbul, among other international venues. Mika Tajima also includes an introduction by independent curator Mika Yoshitake, an interview with the artist, and a critical text written by Professor T’ai Smith analyzing the conceptual underpinnings of Tajima’s work.