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Carol Bove, The Foamy Saliva of a Horse (detail)

Carol Bove

The Foamy Saliva of a Horse (detail), 2011

Mixed media on MDF plinth

324 x 144 ¼ x 53 ½ inches

John McCracken, Mercury

John McCracken

Mercury, 2003

Lacquer, resin, fibreglas, plywood

Francois Morellet, Tripple X Neonly

Francois Morellet

Tripple X Neonly, 2012

6 Blue argon neon tubes

Depth of angle: 93.7 inches, height: 127 inches, width: 130 inches for both walls

Edition of 5

Charlotte Posenenske, Vierkantrohr Serie D

Charlotte Posenenske

Vierkantrohr Serie D, 1967-2007

Element, steel sheet, hot-dip, galvanized

Dimensions variable

Hannah Rickards, Birdsong

Hannah Rickards

Birdsong, 2002

Four channel sound installation with type written text

Edition of 4


Ugo Rondinone


Acrylic paint on canvas, Plexiglas plaque with caption

149 5/8 x 267 ¾ inches

Tatiana Trouve, 100 Pints Towards Infinity

Tatiana Trouve

100 Pints Towards Infinity, 2009

Plumbs, magnets, and cable

Dimensions variable

Oscar Tuazon, Untitled

Oscar Tuazon

Untitled, 2012

Douglas fir, steel, chain

8 x 18 x 8 feet

Uscar Tuazon, Untitled

Uscar Tuazon

Untitled, 2012

Douglas fir, steel

6 x 4 ½ x 10 feet